Thursday, March 17, 2011

happy green day!

i have long outgrown the desire to find cheap green beer on St Patty's day... but here are some other "green" ideas i have come across!

Magazine Coffee Table

You wouldn’t think six copies of a magazine would be enough to create a stable, strong 3-D piece of furniture, but this design by Vered Zaykovsky proves that it’s possible. The pages of six copies of Domus magazine were intricately woven together, and when a metal base and glass top were added, they became an incredibly creative and eye-catching table. No cutting or glue was involved, so it can be disassembled at any time.

Washing Machine Drum Ottoman
When your washing machine gives up the ghost and trying to repair it just isn’t practical, don’t toss it – use the drum to make a modern, industrial-looking ottoman. Eyelets around the rim make it easy to add wheels and a lid for the top, and once topped with a cushion, it’s as comfy as any store-bought ottoman. It can also be used for storage, as a toy chest in a child’s room or for blankets in the living room.

Car Seat Love Seat
this is nothing that i would attempt on my own, but i would LOVE to have this in my house!

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