Saturday, March 12, 2011

what to do...

My aquarium has been sitting uninhabited now since the beginning of August.

i don't know what to do. should i set it up for something new? this is the first time i have ever been without some sort of aquarium set up in my house. i miss the sound of the filter running and the air pump... mostly i miss Buzz making his happy little (ok not so little) frog noises.

right now it is an eye sore. half full and sad.

i started to empty it completely... then  changed my mind.
i don't know if i can get another frog. i know that i can't replace Buzz. he was one of a kind.
maybe some fish... but i am really not excited to get fish. it may be time for me to just get rid of the whole tank. it would clear up a lot of space in my living room. i could put a nice big shelf in to hold some of my books and knick-knacks.

i'm scared i will regret getting rid of the aqarium - i do miss it already and its still sitting there just not being used right now.

maybe this weekend i will finish emptying it and make the decision to either fill it back up and get it running again in preparation for some new swimming friend or just dry it out and put it up on kijiji.
its a tough one for me.

but on a brighter note... here are some crazy aquariums i found when i was looking for some inspiration.
mine will look nothing like either of these, but it is neat to see what can be done!

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