Monday, March 28, 2011

one moment please...

whenever i have to wait on hold i find there are some things that never change...

1. the music is really terrible

2. the music cuts out and makes you think that someone is picking up your call, but really its just a worn out skipping cd.

3.when the robot voice tells you that your wait time is under 10 minutes it really means you're going to be sitting there a while. in my experience 10 minutes robot voice time means at least half an hour real time.

4. the person who picks up the call half the time isn't who you actually need to talk to so they tell you that they'll tranfer you to the proper person. really this is code for "i'll put you back on hold."

5. i get a kink in my neck from doing something else while holding the phone between my ear and shoulder.

1 comment:

Kristin said...

My old dr's office would play a radio station then cut it out every 2 minutes to remind you you're still on hold. Yup, got that thanks.