Monday, October 3, 2011

37 weeks - officially full term!! and a watermelon!

it's almost time to meet the sea monkey!!
its down to the final little wait.

i really need to get a hospital bag packed so i'm not caught unprepared.
that's on my list of things i need to get done ASAP.

and according to my fruit ticker the sea monkey has moved up a fruit... the final fruit...

first thing entering my mind when i see that is...
that has to come out of me now

i'm actually less nervous for the birth than i am for having a little bobble headed baby to take care of.
i'm positive that we'll figure it out just fine but its a bit nerve wracking right now.

another milestone...
i'm officially done work now.

i'm hoping to get lots done this week to make up for all the stuff that has been put off because i was just too tired after working a whole day at the office.

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Andrea said...

Yikes...a watermelon! Good thing our bodies are capable of such miraculous things! All the best to you during labour!