Monday, October 10, 2011

38 weeks and counting...

i made it through thanksgiving!

i was really hoping to not end up missing turkey and stuffing... my family tends to do things like be born on holidays. i was christmas, my sister was grey cup sunday and my brother was new years. i didn't want to miss turkey though so i will fully admit that i gave the little sea monkey a bit of a pep talk yesterday that it was not allowed out to play until i have finished thanksgiving dinner and digested it.

the sea monkey seems to have listened.

at my doctor's appointment on friday i was still measuring pretty small... she is almost positive that this is because the baby has already dropped so low but just to be on the safe side i am scheduled for an ultrasound on thursday just to check on things and make sure that everything is ok. i originally freaked out about this, but now i realize that if she had been really concerned about it i wouldn't be waiting a week to go in and that its really just a precautionary thing.
if something is not quite right - like low amniotic fluids or they think the baby has slowed growing then i will be induced.
hopefully that won't happen because fernando will be away on tour still then, but i guess i have to be prepared either way.

my hospital bag is FINALLY packed. i feel like a bit of a weight has been lifted off me now that i finally can cross that off my list. i washed all of the baby's stuff yesterday and now it is in a laundry basket just waiting to be put away into the proper drawer. maybe later today i will get to that and also pack the baby's bag so its ready to go too.

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Andrea said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. We did too. I don't think I packed a hospital bag. My husband had to come home after things had settled a bit and get us some good on you for being prepared!