Sunday, October 9, 2011


victory is mine!

first item on my mat leave bucket list was to re-learn how to make a granny square.
i am proud to announce i whooped the granny square's ass.

i am terrible at following directions when it comes to crocheting so i learned by just looking at a picture and i think i've gotten it.

two test squares and 3 good ones to start a blanket for the sea monkey.

this picture is really dark since it was taken with me phone around midnight in my basement (formerly known as man land - now a split between craft land and man land since i lost my sewing room to give the sea monkey a room), but the color is actually a really nice aqua green and i'm going to pair it with red squares and hopefully figure out how to connect them all with black and white in between.

not sure how to do that yet since i've never made a granny square blanket yet, but i'm up to the challenge. i am already picking up speed with the squares and i just started... i think that i like granny squares.

also just wanted to say happy thanksgiving to everyone... i for one can't wait for turkey and stuffing today! favorite food ever.

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