Thursday, October 6, 2011

thankful thursday

 i am sitting here at my cluttered kitchen table typing away on my laptop catching up on all the goings on and trying to make sure that fernando will have someplace to sleep each night on his upcoming west coast tour... so far kelowna hotel is decided but i still have to figure out the rest of them.

and i realize...

i'm on mat leave.
i don't have to go to work for the next year if i don't want to.
i have a chance to spend time with our baby and get to know the sea monkey without having to worry about juggling a work schedule.

and after that year is up...

we'll see.

i don't HAVE to go back to work.
i will probably choose to work part time because my work is really awesome and will let me work a modified schedule and from home when possible so that will make the extra income pretty hard to say no to.

as i sit here i realize that the opportunity to stay home and be a mom is a privilege. i know that there are people all over that wish they could do that. i am going to make it work and take full advantage of the opportunity.

i also want to say thank you to fernando for finally getting most of the baby stuff out of the boxes and assembled. i was starting to go crazy trying to move around all the boxes. now they're all gone except for the crib. not sure when that will get put together but it will eventually. good thing we don't need it right away.

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Andrea said...

I've been a stay at home Mom for 9 years, and I love it. I'm very grateful for it too, as most Mom's I know have a full time job here, whether they want to or not.