Saturday, October 8, 2011

my mat leave bucket list

i had a summer bucket list that didn't really go so well... most of the things did not get checked off and i eventually just gave up trying to coordinate with fernando's hectic schedule.

this bucket list is different.

these are things that i am going to do. not necessarily depending on someone else to do them with me.

  • re-learn how to crochet a granny square. for some reason that skill has eluded my memory and i have no idea how to make a simple granny square.

  • lose the baby weight. i don't know if this will prove to be difficult or if breastfeeding will give me the advantage i need to get this done. ideally i would actually like to hit a weight of 10 lbs less than my pre-pregnancy weight. when i got pregnant it was in the middle of winter and i was not at my thinnest.

  • swimming. i don't mean train for the olympics crazy kind of swimming... i used to swim kilometer after kilometer and to be honest i have no idea why. and zero interest in doing that again, but i would like to start going to public swims with the baby as soon as the sea monkey is old enough. we'll see how i feel about that once i am trying on a bikini for the first time in my post baby body. that might be a bit on the traumatizing side for me but we'll see.

  • start going for walks. i am going to try and take at least a short walk with the baby and the dogs at least 5 times a week if not more often.

  • stop neglecting my houseplants.

  • keep up with the housework. being pregant and working full time leaves very little time for housework. by the time i would get home from work i would fall into bed for a nap and then get up, eat dinner and be too tired still to get much done. i have already tackled a lot of the little projects this week but i would ideally like to keep up with things so the small things that can be done on a more regular basis don't turn into massive projects.

  • re-brand my crochet and knit products and separate them completely from kabukikreations. it is tricky to market so many different products as one small business. the target markets are completely different and i would like to give it a try as its own separate thing.

  •  create a website so i have a stand alone site to sell from rather than just selling on etsy. this will be a project for the spring once toque season is over.

  • start sewing more. i miss it. i am rusty, but i am positive that a bit of practice and i'll be good as new. so many adorable baby things that i could sew... that is motivation enough itself.

i'm hoping to revisit this post regularly and update everyone when i've accomplished any of these bucket list items. hopefully some of them get crossed off sooner rather than later but i have a year... that should give me time to get through them all.

wish me luck!


Andrea said...

That is a large list! But definitely manageable when taken day by day. All the best!

Minibytes said...

Hooray! Good luck with the list!! Glad to see the granny square has been crossed off already!

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