Wednesday, October 12, 2011

bump day - week 38

day two of home alone...

in a bit of a rush today... the long weekend threw me off and i totally thought it was still tuesday...
then i realized as i'm getting ready to run out the door that it is actually wednesday and i'd better get at least one picture up before i head out in case the lighting really sucks later or more realistically, baby brain sets in and i completely forget.

baby brain is so very real.

this morning i let the dogs out and then baxter came in, then draco came in... but i forgot that draco came in so i was out in the back yard calling him and starting to panic when i realize he is looking at me like i'm crazy from inside the house.
good thing he loves me unconditionally.

in other news...
i made some serious headway this morning tidying up the living room. its not by any means ready for the public yet but its hugely better than it was and if i don't lose steam this afternoon may be inhabitable once again. its amazing how things just pile up. especially when you are trying to fit baby stuff everywhere. even if i don't finish today, i will finish up tomorrow morning before i go for my ultrasound.

here's a quick pic for now and if i think of it later i will post a better one!

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CherryTeri said...

you are having an ultrasound this late on? Can we see the picture when you get it! Bring your own disc so they don't charge you $$