Monday, July 11, 2011

25 weeks - the eggplant.

the eggplant....
this is it right?

ha! i couldn't help myself. its an Egg-Plant
ok, i know that there is not a basil plant growing inside an egg in my ever growing belly...
though, the picture really made me laugh so i had to stick it in here.

its more like one of these... i like purple.
i'm ok with this.

i like my purple shoes even better than eggplant though.

they might not look like much, but they are the BEST, MOST COMFORTABLE shoes EVER! i really mean it. i have worn these shoes more in a year than i have worn any other pair of shoes in probably 5 years. i was a shoe addict. i am now reformed. i literally LIVE in these shoes and the black pair that fernando bought for me in the spring.
if they wear out and i can't wear them any more i will cry.
i'm talking full on sobbing.
i'll blame this on the sea monkey, but i am pretty sure that i would have bawled like a kid that fell off the swing set even pre-pregnancy if someone had tried to take these shoes away from me.

went to the doctor on friday... everything is good. i'm measuring right where i should be... minimal weight gain, BP good, heartbeat still sitting at 140. not so helpful with wives tales... if its over 140 its a girl and under 140 its a boy....  well this definitely keeps it a surprise.
lots of speculation from people... a lot are leaning towards a girl.
its funny for me to hear everyone's different reasons for thinking they know what is growing in there.

**fernando milestone**
he has now felt the baby move!! he could see it before but never felt it. one of our friends suggested putting his face on my stomach since his hands have no feeling apparently.... sure enough, he got a sea monkey roundhouse.

one last thing....
i have developed a new baby brain symptom.
random bursts of color blindness. seriously. i got to work today and looked at what i was wearing... YIKES! pink glasses, red leopard print scarf and purple shoes. the shoes and the glasses go nicely because the arms are purple... the shoes and the scarf work nicely together, but DAMN. the combination of all three is something that even fernando wouldn't try and put together! since i couldn't lose the glasses without being blind for the day, the scarf is now sitting in a rejected, sad little pile in my office. i don't know what possessed me to put that all together... i almost liked it better when i was just doing things like leaving the house in my furry slippers. that i could fix before anyone saw me by slipping into a pair of my spare shoes in the car. this took me a good 45 minutes to notice.
45 minutes i spent looking like a fashion victim.

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