Monday, July 18, 2011

26 weeks...

26 weeks seems like such a long time when you say it but it goes by so quickly when you're living it.

the sea monkey is growing like a weed and becoming more and more responsive each day.
now when fernando and i talk to my stomach the baby will start recognizing our voices. and draco's barking... the baby will recognize that for sure!

i've been keeping really busy so i haven't gotten much done at home the last little while... this weekend will be hectic again but after that things really slow down. and i think i will make sure that it stays that way. the last thing i need is to be stressed trying to do too much. i will do what i can and when i get tired i will stop. its not just about me any more... i have to keep the sea monkey happy too.

i've been thinking about my mat leave a lot lately.
i am so excited to be home.
september 30th is my last day of work (as planned right now) and then i will be taking vacation time in october until the baby arrives. i am pretty sure i'm going to start counting down the days.

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