Monday, July 18, 2011

keepin cool....

not a real recipe.

i'm not a big fan of recipes.

they're just a guideline.... right?

mojito sun tea

this is super tasty and refreshing.

what you'll need:

a couple limes
some mint
a big jar/jug with lid (to keep bugs out if you're brewing outside)
simple syrup (i'll be honest... sometimes i just dump some sugar in)
teabags (i use 5 for my 2 L jug)
club soda (optional)

what you're going to do:

cut up the limes into slices. if i only have ugly limes (you know the ones that were in the drawer that you forgot about) i will just squeeze them because i don't like ugly stuff in my tea.
throw some fresh mint in - as much as you like. i put at least 6 stems (depending on how big they are)
add simple syrup to taste(or sugar if you don't have it on hand and you're like me and don't feel like making simple syrup sometimes)
take a wooden spoon (or a muddler if you have one) and smush it around a bit until it looks a bit crumpled.
add your teabags. i like to use either white tea or green tea. the trusty orange pekoe works too.
if you actually can leave it out in the sun you just need to fill it up with water, put the lid on and leave it for at least a few hours. if its not sunny out or you're brewing this on the counter just add hot tap water and you'll get almost the same results. sometimes you'll have to leave it a bit longer to get it steeped strongly on the counter (if that's how you like it)
once its ready fill a glass with ice, fill 3/4 full with tea and then top off with club soda.
sometimes i realize that its not sweet enough so i'll add a bit more syrup... sugar at this point will just make you a crunchy beverage so i don't recommend cheating here.

garnish with sprig of mint and a lime.

delicious and refreshing!

just like fernando with his green tea mojito after a LOOOOOOONG night at Lesley and Kurt's wedding. he was hurtin.

if you don't want the bubbles then skip the club soda.

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