Wednesday, July 13, 2011

bump day - week 25

there are a lot of major dance moves going on in my belly these days. it is quite entertaining to watch sometimes when the sea monkey really gets going. squirm while you can little monkey because soon you'll run out of room to bust a move. things are going to get a lot more crowed in there as you get bigger.

for now the sea monkey is around 1.5 lbs and about 13.5" long.
the reality is now setting in that as big as this baby already is, it is going to get bigger, and its going to have to come out somehow...
that is a bit scary.
it will be so exciting to meet this little monkey... i suspect that will completely make up for all the scary bits. 

still eating tons of veggies... and fruit now. i have never been much of a fruit person but the last little while i have been eating a lot more fruit.
i bought some ice cream a couple weeks ago as a treat... i didn't even open it until yesterday.
i had 2 scoops. i think i had my fill. fernando will probably end up eating the rest of it. it just didn't hit the spot. i would have rather had something else. i was just to lazy to go put it back once i'd gotten all settled in on the couch with the dogs.

sweets are not so much my thing lately. there is a short list of things i still want.
plain cheesecake
ice cream sandwiches (i know... makes no sense since vanilla icecream was not my favorite)
lemon meringue pie.
ummm... yup thats about it.

considering that i would sit down and DEMOLISH deserts pre-pregnancy this is a pretty big shock to me.
probably a really good thing though.

hope everyone is having a great day


The Tompkins Family said...

You look so serious in your belly pics!

Chelsea said...

You look great. I'm at 25 weeks too and I wish I craved fruit and veg. All I want is nutella.