Monday, July 4, 2011

24 weeks and STILL a papaya.

apparently i am stuck at papaya... AGAIN.

i want a new fruit damn it!

hard to believe 24 weeks has flown by already.
bear with me, i will be saying that pretty much every week.
it is crazy how fast this is going.

the sea monkey's tastebuds are developing now and she/he weighs about 1.3 lbs.

we spent the weekend moving things and sorting things at home. exciting, i know.
i managed to sort/organize half of the under the stairs disaster. that was a lot of stuff. quite a bit of stuff for recycling and goodwill. found a belt and buckle that fernando lost years ago back there... just proving my point that when he cleaned the basement that he just tossed everything under the steps.
this week i'm going to pick up some more tubs (to keep things nice and organized) and hopefully tackle some of the other side.

fernando also set up our new hamock chair this weekend. it is AMAZING.

back to the baby related updates though...

craving of the week:
who craves salad??
silly sea monkey. mommy wants something better! i was ok with vegetables... those i could at least put butter on to make it feel like i wasn't having the lamest cravings ever.
my salad of choice has been baby red leaf lettuce with cucumbers, snap peas, some sort of cheese (today is dill havarti) with balsamic dressing.
my big exciting variation on this is switching the lettuce to iceberg. WOW

i did really want an ice cream sandwich yesterday though. it might have been because i was under a blanket with 2 dogs piled on top of me and it was pretty freakin hot cozy.  if i want another one this week it will be a miracle. last box of icecream sandwiches last me over a month. in the end i just ate them because they were starting to taste like the freezer.

one strange thing i've noticed...
my leg hairs are growing sooooo much more slowly than usual. i don't know if this is a pregnancy thing, or because i waxed them a month and a half ago. normally waxing makes almost no difference in my leg hairs so i am skeptical to credit the waxing for the delayed growth. my armpits are in the same boat... i didn't even attempt to wax them (you may have already read about my baby brain issue of forgetting one armpit when shaving in the shower) because i am the biggest armpit wimp EVER. there is no way i could ever rip those hairs out on my own. dry shave - no problem. wax - NO WAY IN HELL.
this is a nice treat for the summer i have to say.
if only my bangs would get the memo. they won't stop growing! i'm either going to have to start pinning them back or stop being so lazy and trim them. AGAIN. it is never ending! if i didn't want so badly to hide my forehead crinkles i would probably just leave them and wear headbands for the rest of summer... but i think i would miss my bangs (aka the fountain of youth).

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Jaimie, Dustin, Logan and Holly said...

my leg hair grew really slow when i was pregnant too!

my lame cravings where - ice with Holly and fruit smoothies with Logan...nothing super fattening and chocolatey