Tuesday, July 5, 2011

tasty tuesday

i am finding tasty tuesday to be a bit more difficult as of late. i'm not making many super delicious things. my lame salads and steamed vegetables with rice are not the things that great blog posts are made of.

so... here is my least lame one this week.
its not really a recipe.
guidelines really...

Citrus Steamed Basa

what you'll need:

2 limes or 2 lemons (i prefer limes - fernando likes lemons.... last time i won)
2 basa filets
cilantro (as much or as little as you like)
salt and pepper - to taste
frying pan with tight fitting lid

what you need to do:

cut the citrus into circles and lay flat in the bottom of the pan.
make sure you cover the whole pan. when i made this on sunday i ended up using 1 and a half limes.
throw your cilantro on the limes. i use the whole thing. stem and all. you're not eating it, its just for flavor
lay the fish on top of the limes and cilantro
salt and pepper the top of the fish
add water to the pan to the top of the lemons/limes
put the lid on and cook at medium until the fish is done (depends how thick/big it is).

somehow i only managed to save one of the pictures on my phone... there was supposed to be more. OOPS.
this is what it looks like before you put the salt and pepper on.

put all the same ingredients in foil and throw this in the BBQ. delicious, healthy, and no dishes!
use other kinds of fish. i've tried a few but basa is fernando's favorite. prawns are also good.

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