Thursday, July 7, 2011

pet peeves...

i don't know if its me being pregnant, but certain things just seem to annoy me more than ever...

so please bear with me while i rant!

here is a small list.
am i the only one who finds this sort of thing to be unbearable?
  • People who are rude to cashiers. it is not the cashier's fault if you have a coupon that is not valid. if it says it's expired and was only valid until april 30th and you are now trying to redeem it in July then YOU are the stupid one. can't you read?!?!
  • the dwindling number of people who courtesy wave. i have "tested" the theory that the courtesy wave is slowly dying. i have a fairly hefty commute to and from work every day and when i get a jerk trapped behind me i test this by letting in as many people as possible. out of 10 cars let in i'm lucky to get 3 waves. i don't expect your first born child... just a freakin thank you wave of acknowledgement. and just for the record, i test this theory when i get one of those asshole drivers behind me that tries to cut me off because they have tried to cut ahead of everyone by driving in the emptier lane but really need to be in the other lane and then stop and hold up traffic to try and get into it. i DO NOT do this to nice drivers. i grew up with the farmer wave. if you meet someone on the road you acknowledge them with a friendly 4 finger lift off the steering wheel. JUST BECAUSE. i miss the friendly country roads. and NICE people driving. i suppose this is only an issue for people who have experienced courteous drivers... if you've only been around asshole city drivers then this won't apply to you.
  • People who supposedly phone over and over when i'm already on the phone with someone else or away from my desk but never leave a message then call back and say that they tried calling me for a week. how am i supposed to know that you called me if you don't leave a message?? do i look psychic?
  • people who constantly complain about things to everyone. i mean CONSTANTLY. and they complain about things that are their own fault and could easily be avoided. like for example... i can't believe i was in a car accident... and they then tell you that they were eating breakfast and reading when it happened... really?? who's fault is that?!?!
  • people that get in the elevator to go one floor up or down. take the freakin stairs!! its only one floor! i'm pregnant and i can manage the stairs... most of them could use the exercise too.
i think that's enough now... i am pretty sure i could continue for a while, but i will save some for another time.

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The Tompkins Family said...

I cannot stand it when I let someone in and they don't thank me! It makes me want to take it back. Or ram them!