Monday, July 25, 2011

27 weeks...

6 months....
the sea monkey is sitting around 2lbs right now.

this is the beginning of the final stretch.
probably more literally than i would like. my stomach hasn't really popped yet so i'm just waiting to wake up so a massive belly one morning.

only a few months until we get to meet the baby!!

so many things to get done still...  the list will never end but some of it needs to get done.
this long weekend is going to be a big "house" weekend for me.
and fernando.
his list will be just as long as mine of things that need to be done.

one of my biggest tasks will be sorting out my fabric and getting everything packed up from my sewing room so we can make room for the baby's things! right now there is no place at all for the poor little sea monkey.
i picked up some lovely hot pink rubbermaid tubs that will house some of my sewing supplies that will soon be homeless. hot pink = amanda. nobody should confuse my tubs of fabric and sewing stuff with anything else that could possible be in a rubbermaid tub. mine are the only hot pink ones in the house!

wish me luck!

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