Thursday, July 21, 2011

i may be prepared for ANYTHING...

how does this happen?? i just switched purses and cleaned out ALL the junk a week and a half ago.
i still have managed to accumulate quite the collection of stuff in a short period of time.

i tried to capture the chaos and disaster in a picture... but it just doesn't photograph well.

large green wallet
package of kleenex
hand sanitizer lotion
hand sanitizer spray
full size bath&bodyworks body lotion
esso extra card
4 pens
1 sharpie marker
house keys and parent's house keys
car keys - and the bread keychain
work keys (think keys like a janitor would carry... there's a LOT of them)
a bagel
a banana (just in case i get hungry)
4 lip glosses
5 lipsticks
1 lip stain
1 lip pencil
2 packs of gum
3 gift cards with minimal balances
2 USB drives
roll on perfume
last week's grocery list
6 paper clips
2 rubber bands
beer cap (thanks fernando)
digital camera
8 assorted receipts
2 hair clips

am i the only one who somehow ends up with the contents of a small country in their purse?
you would think this would slow me down when trying to locate one of these many items....
i can usually locate whatever i'm looking for without even looking into my purse.
is it a gift?
is it some crazy form of evolution?
does this happen to you??

part of me thinks maybe i should clean it out... part of me just accepts that this is how my purse will be.
maybe this is diaper bag training.
at the party when they pick tables to go line up for food by asking for the most obsolete items i'm usually the one that happens to have three quarters of them in my purse. 
so its proven to be useful...
on occasion.


Magpie Quilts said...

It only gets worse when you have kids! I finally got a small purse that fits my wallet, phone and keys, otherwise I ended up carrying everything for the kids when they got tired. - Ann

Lolita Lemon said...

my purse is something similar to that... i always find a tons of receipts, grocery lists, Tylenol, bobby pins, and various lip glosses/lipsticks floating around, among all the other stuff! And, its no wonder I can never find anything I looking for