Monday, May 2, 2011

15 weeks...

this week the sea monkey is about the size of a navel orange.

i'm noticing a bit more of a bulge and have now had to retire a pair of capris that i wanted to wear on saturday for the first time this spring... no luck. i could barely get them done up. i'm starting to think that non stretchy pants might just be the enemy.
a completely unrelated clothing woe.... my very favorite pair of jeans are starting to wear out. i kill jeans quickly. i don't have skinny legs and apparently walk too much because i can blow out the legs in pants within a year if i wear the the pants once a week. does this happen to other people or am i just the destroyer of pants? i guess this is an example of what i used to so lovingly refer to as "thunder thighs."

back to the sea monkey though...
i just CAN'T STOP EATING! i have had a snack, breakfast and another snack and its barely past 11am.
thankfully this doesn't go on all day or i may not fit through the door by the end of the week. i'll eat constantly until about 2 in the afternoon then won't be hungry until dinner around 8:00. i used to be a late night snacker but now for the most part i will only have dinner and maybe a little treat an hour later as dessert. i'm just not hungry at night. i guess all the food i've stockpiled throughout the day is doing its job. if i ate snacks at night like i do all morning i probably wouldn't be able to sleep!

Ultrasound is booked for June 2nd. i'm excited for that appointment. not so excited to drink 6 glasses of water an hour and a half before my appointment and not pee until after the appointment. that is going to suck!

that's all for now!

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Lesley said...

Just a tip for the ultrasound (cause I too found the amount of water they tell you to drink with the lack of bathroom trips to be a liking to torture) - I was only told after I got there (and at this point extremely uncomfortable having to pee so badly) that you only have to drink enough water so that your bladder is full... for me the 6 glasses was probably 3 too many. Its worth it though when you get to see the little baby on the screen for the first time :)