Monday, May 9, 2011

16 weeks

sea monkey is now about the size of an avocado.
in the next few weeks sea monkey will go through a big growth spurt... doubling in weight and also increasing significantly length wise. soooo... i will probably be saying farewell to some more of my jeans. i'm ok with that. right now i feel like i'm at that phase where people can't necessarily tell that i'm pregnant by looking at me but if they know what size i was a couple months ago they'll just think i got fat. the bump is starting to get a bit more defined though so i don't think it will be long before people KNOW that i'm pregnant at a glance. my weight hasn't actually changed that much so far but things are definitely shifting around.
i had a doctor's appointment on friday afternoon and things are all good. strong heartbeat... of 140. according to old wives tales anything above 140 means girl and anything below means boy... i don't really believe that but it is funny how it just happens to be right on the deciding number.
we are not finding out if sea monkey is a he or she so i guess this is just one more way to keep it mysterious.

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FarrenSquare said...

We didn't find out the sex, either and it was the best part about birth for us.