Wednesday, May 25, 2011

bump day - week 18

its bump day again!
almost forgot about it... i completely forgot that yesterday was tuesday and not monday.
can i just blame it on "baby brain" or am i on the hook for that one?
lets blame it on the sea monkey.

not the greatest shirt for a bump picture... but its getting to the point where there's no disguising it. not that i want to, but up until the last couple weeks i wasn't to the point where my stomach showed in a lot of my shirts. now i think its pretty obvious that things are growing. this is one of my new maternity shirts i bought on the weekend. this one was courtesy of H&M. i will probably continue to wear it when i'm not pregnant. it is just really long. its not longer in the front than the back so if it doesn't stay all stretched out from the beach ball sized stomach that will be stuffed into it a few months from now i will probably keep it in regular rotation because i think its a great print.
since i forgot about taking the pictures at home before i left this morning and took today's pictures at work i didn't think i should take off my shirt in case someone walked in... maybe next week.

another thing that is pretty frequent... i have been feeling my abs stretching and groaning. i was warned by my doctor to expect that so i was just waiting for it to start.... and it has. with a vengeance.
sneezing is hideous! and i sneeze a lot this time of year. thankfully the sea monkey has given me super human strength when it comes to my allergies. i haven't had to take any allergy medicine this spring. normally i would not survive spring without benadryl. even mosquito bites are gone by the next day. in the past if i got a mosquito bite it would be there for about a month... minimum. i could get used to them going away over night!


Lesley said...

I don't know if its just me, cause normally I'm a mosquito magnet, but I've noticed that this summer while pregnant they aren't bugging me as badly. A couple of other friends who were pregnant last summer said the same thing - wishful thinking??

kabukikreations said...

i wish! they used to leave me alone and now they are constantly biting me. thank god the bites aren't making me sick like they have my whole life up till now.