Tuesday, May 24, 2011

18 weeks...

this week the sea monkey approximately the size of a sweet potato.

speaking of sweet potato...
i had some delicious sweet potato fries on the weekend. mmmmm.... YUM! and the Po'Boy that went with
them was also so tasty! DaDeO never disappoints me. click on the picture to go to their site and check out the super delicious menu.

i'm very food motivated lately. and i've always been very food motivated. i find myself constantly looking forward to the next chance i get to eat... even when i'm already eating something. like right now... i'm eating a dish of strawberries and thinking about what i will have for lunch.

i've noticed a bigger change in my belly size... i popped a little.  my pre-preggers jeans almost all still fit but now that i've tried out the maternity pants, nothing really compares because they are SO comfortable!
i did a bit of shopping on the weekend. i have added a jean skirt, jean shorts, cropped leggins, 2 short sleeved shirts and a long tank top, 3 dresses and 6 pairs of comfy shorts for around the house and yardwork.
all together i spent $172 but $100 was a gift certificate i got for mothers day for Motherhood Maternity. the other $70 was at a few other stores.
all in all i think it was pretty successful sale shopping. i shouldn't need too much else. i might need a few more shirts once i start getting really big, but that won't be for a while so i'll worry about that once i start getting really big!

one other thing i've noticed is that my knees are getting sore. i have read to expect joint pain... but my knees have been so good for the last while that i'm not looking forward to them being bad again. fingers crossed that i just had a bad knee day on saturday and they'll be fine.

hope everyone had a great long weekend!

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