Wednesday, May 18, 2011

bump day - week 17

i'm pretty proud of myself for actually getting bump day posted each week so far... i'm notorious for blog slacking.

here is bump version 5.18.11

sorry for the kitty hair. chico wanted to cuddle. i forgot to lint roller before i took the picture today. this is my life. covered in cat hair.

just incase you haven't read my other post... i LOVE my maternity jeans! they're super cute and soooooooo comfy. i think i prefer them to normal jeans even before i got pregnant. they're that awesome. i want to buy more. i was a bit nervous buying jeans on ebay... especially maternity jeans since i know NOTHING about them, but they are perfect! lots of room to grow still.
time for a bit more shopping.

last night before i went to bed i called fernando and put him on speaker phone so he could listen to sea monkey's heartbeat and say goodnight. hearing that little heartbeat will never get old. exciting every time.
its really easy to find the heartbeat now with the doppler... pretty much just plunk it down and there's the heartbeat. did i mention how exciting that is?!


Anonymous said...

I creep around your blog quite often, but never have the guts to comment, but I must say, that shirt is SO CUTE, and it makes your little belly look even cuter!

The Tompkins Family said...

You look GREAT! Hearing the heartbeat NEVER gets old! I can't wait till you get to see him/her on the ultrasound!!!

kabukikreations said...

i like creepers like you :)