Wednesday, May 4, 2011

bump day - week 15

its bump day!
please excuse the fact that my pants seem to be riding a bit low causing a small case of muffin top. it was early. i was barely awake.

a little help from my assistant Chico

first front picture...
not to much to report yet but i thought i'd throw it in. i think i just look a bit puffy at first glance.
ps. my stomach is not dirty and i did not have a self tanning mishap. that spot is just there.
get used to it. you'll be seeing more of it.
a couple other updates...

i think the sea monkey LOVES carbs. i would have never eaten dry cereal or crackers as a snack before... now i'm picking stuff like that over chocolate. i have almost no interest in sweet things. i'm pretty sure i would make an exception for things like cheesecake. i also love cheese now more than ever. cheese and crackers may be my favorite snack.

another thing i've learned... pee before leaving work. it really sucks getting half way home and all of a sudden needing to pee. it makes an already long-ish drive much worse. yesterday only took me about half an hour to get home (which is pretty awesome) but it felt like FOREVER because about 10 minutes into the drive my newly miniature bladder started complaining. lesson learned.

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Sandra said...

You're wearing tight jeans...with a bump. Ya, you are officially the rockstar of pregnant woman! And enjoy the carbs! They don't count when being consumed by the sea-monkey!