Thursday, May 5, 2011

i should learn to keep my mouth shut.

yesterday i announced that i haven't been wanting anything sweet.
about halfway through the afternoon yesterday i started fixating on cheesecake.
last night i almost went out in my ugly plaid pants to get some.
i'm not joking about the ugliness of these pants.
let me paint you a picture here...
i got them from Santa in about grade 8. they are small men's flannel PJ pants. probably purchased at costco made by elves at the north pole. navy blue and jade green plaid (i know... you all must be jealous). they are too short by a couple inches if i wear them really low. they seem to be indestructible... these things are a good 15 years old and not even getting close to being threadbare. they are comfortable though so i just keep wearing them.

i still want cheesecake.
i may have to stop and get one on my way home. this will prevent me from considering going out in public in the ugly pants.

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The Tompkins Family said...

Mmmm...what kind of cheesecake are you craving?