Monday, May 30, 2011

bite me....

last night i was talking to my mom and i told her that fernando decided he needed to shave and shower right when i wanted to have a nap. since he had a show last night i decided to just suck it up and occupy myself until he was done and have a later nap. i then told her that i decided to give sullivan (refugee cat) a hair cut. it was a fairly successful hair cut until he bit me when i was about 3/4 way finished so i decided that i had sat uncomfortably on the floor for long enough and since he did not appreciate my efforts that i would just leave him looking like a swamp monster and not finish his haircut. somehow, my mom while clanking around pots and pans while doing dishes didn't hear me say SULLIVAN. she thought that fernando bit me when i was cutting his hair (i cut his before the cat got his turn) and that i left his hair half finished. she then told my dad that fernando bit me (i didn't hear her say that it was fernando) and they wanted to know why and where... i explained that he just didn't like getting his hair cut and i wasn't really surprised.

i couldn't figure out why they were so upset that sullivan bit me on the arm when i was shaving him... anyone who's ever given a cat a haircut would expect some sort of fight... its about as high up on their favorites list as taking a bath! i was defending him and told them that he didn't bite me very hard and that it didn't even leave a mark...

then my mom said that she couldn't believe that fernando would do that to me... my response was "what? mess up my nap?! that's kinda how he rolls" she exclaimed "no i can't belive he bit you when you were cutting his hair!"
at this point i nearly peed my pants laughing.

she was washing/drying dishes while she talked to me and  while she clanked dishes around she didn't hear me say sullivan. so the entire time she though fernando bit me and couldn't understand why i wasn't angry. my dad was ready to sit fernando down and have a stern word with him.

i laughed so hard that i was crying.
then i called fernando and told him the story... laughing the whole time.

all that entertainment came from shaving a cat. not that i would recommend a DIY kitty haircut... be prepared for a fight.

thanks sullivan for being a hairy beast.

this is his unfinished hair cut. he looks ridiculous. i don't care.
he's running around like a happy kitten now. i don't think he cares one bit what his hair looks like... only that it feels a thousand times better.

this is what was left on the floor after he scrambled through it in an attempt to escape me.  it was an entire white kitchen garbage bag FULL once i collected the bits of it from all over the floor.. he's a big cat and he's got a LOT of hair.


Tina said...

That is hilarious! Funny how things can get so mixed up. Thanks for sharing.

cherryteri said...

That is pretty much the funniest story I've ever heard!!!!!
I got a cat bite ( my own cat) when I was pregnant and had to get it checked out at the hospital for blood poisoning. When was the last time you got a tetanus?