Monday, May 30, 2011

19 weeks!

almost half way there! the sea monkey is now about the size of a mango. approximately 6 inches long and around nine ounces.

wonder which mango is the closest match?

baby's hearing is developing and now Fernando is talking to my belly. i guess its better than him talking to my boobs like he has been the last 3 months... right?

i'm starting to feel more movement... mostly when i'm in bed trying to sleep. but it surprises me sometimes when i'm least expecting it. it's a strange feeling, but very comforting. it's not strong enough to feel by touching my stomach yet, but i'm guessing it will be soon.

thursday is ultrasound day and i'm excited for that!


Nikki Blatz said...

Amanda I am creeping your blog regularly, mostly because we are only 3 weeks apart in our pregnancies, plus I think you are freakin hilarious and have some great recipes! Have fun at your ultrasound, it is such a cool experience

craftedbylindy said...

Those funny little flutters are pretty cool huh!? Have fun at your ultrasound!