Thursday, May 19, 2011

DIY braided wrap bracelet

ok. i haven't posted one of these for a while...
this is a super fun summer bracelet and a great way to use up scraps of fabric and old shirts.


start out by cutting your strips of fabric. if you are going to use chain you will only need 2 strips of fabric. if you don't want to add chain to your bracelet just cut 3 fabric strips.
i like to use fabrics that stretch and don't fray. if you're using something that will fray just grab your trusty bottle of fray-check or melt the edges if you're using a synthetic fabric that will melt nicely.
depending on the fabric and the look that you're aiming for i would cut the fabric strips 1-3" wide.

pin the ends and chain together with a big safety pin and then pin it to something secure (the couch or my pants usually). braid the entire length of fabric and chain (or just fabric).  
here is where i veered off the path of the tutorial i originally got the idea from... that tutorial told me to leave 3-4" tails at both ends and tie it all together to make one long loop you could wrap around your wrist as many times as you liked. (just like in the picture above)
i don't like the ends to stick out. i think it looks messy. sure you could trim them down, but then there would be nubs. i prefer to braid the fabric from the very start to the very end and then sew it closed. its all neat and tidy. if you make your bracelet without the chain you can machine stitch the ends, but because i normally use the chain i just hand sew it. if you want the tails at the end of the bracelet then leave the ends long and knot away.

depending on the bracelet i have in mind and the kind of fabric i'm using sometimes i slide beads onto the fabric to be braided in. then i add charms to the chain with jump rings. you can add as many or as few as you like.

this is a pretty vague set of instructions but its a fun way to use up scraps and a great opportunity to let your imagination run wild!

if my weekend is as productive as i'm hoping i'll have some new ones listed in my etsy shop

 happy crafting

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