Thursday, June 30, 2011

faux friday

this week is one of those weeks.
the end of it just could not come soon enough. i am literally counting down the hours to home time.
not that there is anything new, different or exciting about home time today... i just want to be at home.

my super exciting after work schedule will be as follows:

drive home trying to avoid road rage. (this shouldn't be too horrible since i'll be done at 3:30)
get home and have a nap
make dinner
eat dinner (this gets an extra line in the schedule because i am the slowest eater ever)
watch some mind numbing tv while thinking about the things i don't have the energy to do.
kick fernando when he creeps over to my side of the couch leaving me and the 2 dogs less than one cushion to share amongst ourselves
go to bed.

the rest of the weekend will be much more productive.
fridays are normally my "zombie night" and i am a slug all night, go to bed early then wake up and get shit done.
since this weekend is one of the long variety that means i get an extra day to "get shit done"
at least one day will be dedicated to sorting through the black hole. aka under the basement steps. there are things under there that i don't even recognize (thanks fernando) because fernando someone liked to "clean the basement by shoving everything, and i mean EVERYTHING either under the bed (which will be gone soon..... so you had better get anything out from under there that you might not want me to see) or under the stairs.
since i'm losing my sewing room i am going to be moving my sewing table to the basement where the bed used to be and moving the futon down there as extra seating and as an unwelcoming guest bed.... making room for the new baby's room upstairs.
well i'm not going to actually move anything... the men in my life will be doing the actual heavy lifting.
i thank them in advance for the use of their strong backs.

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