Tuesday, September 6, 2011

33 weeks - a HONEYDEW!!!

OMG a honeydew? that seems huge!
but its getting close... so yes the sea monkey is growing.

this weekend was a busy one. crossed a few big things off the list.

i am now the proud owner of a super adorable Peg Perego car seat so the sea monkey will be able to come home now once born.

we decided (i actually made fernando come back to the store with me and help decide) on the grey one over the black one because i thought that the black one might get pug hair stuck all over it.
all in all, i'm really excited for finding a super adorable seat that is my style that fits nicely in my car.

we also have the stroller and the peanut (bassinet) at home now. is it crazy that i want to rip everything out of the boxes and assemble it all now? maybe i should... i don't know.

the long weekend kicked my ass. i spent the majority of yesterday (monday) on the couch feeling sorry for myself. i think it was a combination of lugging things around, trying out carseats in my car and just being constantly busy all day satuday and sunday. i am not used to being THAT busy for 2 days straight. i didn't have a single nap all weekend. i would have yesterday if i'd been able to get comfy, but instead watched an entire marathon of Pawn Stars.
i know.

i also bought the changing pad for on top of the dresser so now i have to decide what fabric to use for covers or whether i'll cave and just buy at least a couple for the beginning. or maybe i'll just throw a towel over it. i'm pretty sure the baby won't really judge me.

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Lesley said...

You know what works really great for the changing pad... say if some of the hospital blue soaker pads just happen to fall in your diaper bag like they did in mine. By accident of course :)