Thursday, September 29, 2011

was grandma right? is there another one coming?

its been a disappointing couple of days for me.

day before yesterday i had my first bad etsy experience.  i purchased a necklace and ended up having to send it back and have now been waiting for months to get it back. it was apparently lost in the postal system but the seller was not willing to replace it for me unless i wanted to pay for pricey shipping. i didn't think it was fair for me to pay more for something that i had yet to receive.  i ended up having to file a complaint through etsy and i hated having to do that but as a seller i would NEVER have even considered charging a customer  more to re-ship something that was lost in the mail. especially something that had to be returned in the first place because it was not as described in the listing. i would not have shipped something that wasn't the same as the listing to start with, but that is neither here nor there.

yesterday i find out that i have been basically kicked out of the Handmade Mafia.
i don't know why.
i have been trying to figure out what happened but rather than tell me that they didn't need/want my help i was just ignored.
finally i was told that they're "going a different direction" and didn't need me any more.

lovely feeling.

i'm going to look at is as a "door closes, but a window opens" opportunity.
what choice do i have?

i don't need to be upset right now and the only way i can think of to kind of balance out the hurt and disappointment is to tell myself that this is going to be my opportunity to move forward with my own business and built my brand without having anything else to worry about.
i enjoyed my time with HMM but i'm not going to stick around where i'm clearly not wanted and i want to associate myself with people that at least have the proffessional courtesy to communicate.

my grandma always told us that bad things happen in 3's... i'm going to be looking over my shoulder and waiting for the next bit of bad news now... fingers crossed that it is nothing major.

i may go crazy waiting for it and take a page out of her book.
even though i'm having a rough couple days, thinking of this makes me smile.
my grandma was a firm believer of bad things happening in 3's.
if she broke a favorite cup she would immediately get 2 more dishes out of the cupboard that were not her favorites and smash them. she told me that was to get the other 2 bad things out of the way and protect her favorite dishes.

will i try it?
who knows.


Sonya said...

Wow, that sucks! I'm so sorry to hear it, but I hope it leads to great success with your own business!

Andrea said...

So sorry to hear about the bad Etsy experience and the HMM fiasco...But the Grandma story gave me a warm chuckle. I don't think she was crazy, awesome, yes, but definitely not crazy.

The Tompkins Family said...


I can just picture your grandma (is it the one I knew?) throwing her china!!

craftedbylindy said...

That is totally crappy! The least they could do is be professional and tell you what's up. Sucky, sucky, sucky! Try to shake it off the best you can. I hope you don't have a third bad thing happen. Maybe go make a treasury and then hit back "by accident" so it erases. Get rid of the bad mojo. : )

I'm sorry to hear that! Funny about your grandma though. Smart lady! Feel better soon!