Wednesday, September 21, 2011

bump day - 35 weeks

35 weeks 4 days... this is what it looks like.

one picture.

that's it.

i tried to get one of more than just my belly....

it was scary.

i do not look friendly today.
and definitely would not be winning any "miss photogenic" awards today!!
bad sleep and achy hip paired with kick boxing to the ribs makes for a slightly grumpy incubator.

that aside, i bought myself/the sea monkey a diaper bag.

it's not actually a diaper bag, but its just like some of the ones that i absolutely loved but would not pay $300-$500 for.

it has a super similar interior and i think it will be just perfect. if not, it will be a great purse.
either way its a win win for me!

i LOVE ostrich.

and i love how comfortable it is to carry.

1 comment:

Andrea said...

Fabulous! You look fantastic, and I love the stylish diaper bag/purse. I carried around a Winnie the Pooh bag for the longest time until I realized there were less obvious, more versatile bags out there.