Friday, September 16, 2011

just because...

i don't have any real reason to have a blog post today, this is just rambling...
just to give you fair warning.

i enjoy my rambling, but if you don't then check back in later.

some random things going on these days.
you know, since i don't spend enough time on here going on and on and on.

  • fernando text stalked me about finding him nail polish. yes. you read that right. unfortunately for you the entertainment value of this fact is significantly decreased since its not for his fingers (or toes) but to touch up some dings on his bass.

  • the dogs act like they are velcro attached to me at any given opportunity. they've always been momma's boys but it has gotten significantly worse.

  • today marks 10 more work days left (2 weeks until my last day)

  • i am starting to feel really unprepared. i need to get my shit together. ASAP. i have almost everything but a lot of it is still in boxes and unassembled.

  • my brother is living with us while he goes to NAIT. i kinda feel sorry for him. i don't know if i'd enjoy hanging out with me every night...

  • i'm excited for the fall tv lineup like never before. i plan on being a couch potato as much as possible and getting as much crocheting done as physically possible before the sea monkey arrives. i love that i can PVR all my shows and watch them sans commercials at my leisure. awesome invention.

  • i have a LOT of crocheting to do. i am selling at the winter/christmas Make It! show which runs November 17-20th. should be interesting since i'll have the sea monkey with me the whole time.

  • i can't find a diaper bag that i love that isn't ridiculously expensive. i am debating just buying a really big purse at winners.even if i spend $100 on it that is only a fraction of the price of the diaper bags i have found so far.

i still can't believe i'm almost 35 weeks pregnant.
this last little bit has just flown by sooooooooooo quickly.

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