Thursday, September 8, 2011

thankful thursday... a sneak peak

this is just a little teaser.

my parents decided that i am not allowed to paint anything while pregnant... so when i decided that i wanted to use an old dresser and chest of drawers for the sea monkey they offered to paint it for me.

it was white already but it had pink knobs. they were not so gender neutral.
it got a fresh coat of white and the previously pink knobs are now black to fit in with the sea monkey's colors.
once the room is set up a bit better and the clutter is cleared out i will take some nicer pictures.
for now all you get is a quick cell phone picture.

just for a little history.

i am obsessed with old furniture.
most new furniture doesn't even come close to comparing to the quality pieces.
can you imagine your current furniture in 60 years? probably in a landfill.
everything is so disposable now.

this dresser and chest of drawers were made for my grandparents sometime between 1945 and 1955.
unfortunately thats as close to knowing as i'll ever get. we know they got it after they were married and before they had my mom.

here's a peek!

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