Monday, September 12, 2011

34 week update... getting closer!

34 weeks... only 3 more weeks until the sea monkey is considered full term. EXCITING!

hopefully fernando won't miss the arrival of the sea monkey.
for those of you that don't know, fernando's band The Preying Saints will be on tour with the Matadors for a western Canada tour. it starts out on October 6th and he'll be playing locally and fairly close to home umtil the 9th and then on the 10th heading to BC. 
he will be home October 17th so hopefully the sea monkey stays put until then! never know though.
i've been getting a lot of early predictions so we'll just have to wait and see.
conveniently for me (not so much for him) my giant little brother is staying with us while he goes to school so i won't be home alone. he'll be staying with us until October 21st so chances are he'll be there for the arrival.
he might end up be the one taking me to the hospital.
i assured him i would sit on a garbage bag to protect his precious truck. HA!
this is the 3rd time he's stayed with us while he's at NAIT...
good thing this is the last time since he might never want to come back again after dealing with an uber pregnant sister.
he's going to be carrying things around for me left and right.
if my hip/back doesn't get better soon he might be carrying me. good thing he's big and strong.

over the weekend i feel like i've turned into an octogenarian in need of a hip replacement.
this is the first pregnancy discomfort i've really had so i can't really complain because i know that i've been really lucky up until now.
but DAMN!
if this doesn't ease up i'm going to need a freakin walker to get around.

next doctor's appointment will be on September 23rd and at that point she will be checking my cervix (if this is TMI for some of you just pretend you didn't read it because i tend to overshare if you haven't noticed) to see if i've started dilating at all. it will also give a starting point to judge things from there on out

i will be done work September 30th so 15 more days of work (including today) until i'm offically a SAHM. i have to say... i'm super excited for that! not because i don't love my job, but because i'm ready to start this new part of my life.

that is all for now.

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