Wednesday, September 28, 2011

bump day - 36 weeks 4 days

less than a week and the sea monkey will be considered full term.

how crazy is that!?!?!?

hard to believe that before i know it i'll be holding the sea monkey in my arms and having to call it something other than the sea monkey... though i suspect the poor kid will have to live with being nicknamed sea monkey for the rest of eternity.
could be worse.
i've definitely been called worse! HA!

i would like to say - i LOVE lycra.
thanks to the wonderful stretchy fabrics available i have managed to make it through this pregnancy without buying a single maternity shirt. i have some that were given to me but the majority of my tops are all regular shirts.

i am officially unable to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans. the baby has dropped too low to accomodate the waist band of them even with the handy dandy hair elastic through the buttonhole trick.
i'm hoping i'll be back in them shortly after the sea monkey arrives, though i'm pretty sure i'll live in leggings a lot so i'll only need "real pants" if i'm going somewhere.

belly button update:
for everyone who thought my belly button would pop... still an innie and so far i'm still wearing my regular belly button ring.

fernando will be picking up the crib today from his parents house so this weekend i'm hoping maybe to get it set up!!  i can't wait to see it!! and get the mattress!

i'll be at a craft sale all day and night saturday but hopefully by the end of sunday it will be set up.
if it doesn't get set up this weekend i'll have to get my dad to come and set it up for me because fernando's tour starts next week.

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CherryTeri said...

Wow! sooo close! How exciting! Do you have names picked out yet?