Monday, September 19, 2011

35 weeks!

the sea monkey is starting to run out of room. things are getting squishy in there... which means when an arm or leg is stretched out now i REALLY feel it. most of the stretching seems to be aimed up at my ribs. the arm stretches are just cute when they make my belly ripple.
though... i have to say its a little sci-fi when i watch an arm slide along the side of my belly... like aliens have taken over my body.

an interesting/scary thing i learned... my uterus has expanded to 1000 times its original size.

FOR REAL?!?!?! yikes!

my stomach may not have stretch marks but i'm sure that my uterus does!

the sea monkey is approximately 5.25 lbs these days.

i'm still hobbling around like an old lady. my hip is still out of commission. i was really hoping that i could get it back in working order by now but so far no luck.

we're starting to get really excited to meet the sea monkey.
i'll be done work next friday and that just makes it seem so much more real. and soon!

i still have tons to do in the baby's room so i'm hoping to get a bit more done each day so i don't have to do a ton all at once on any given day.

starting to get my hospital bag packed... just incase.
doesn't hurt to be prepared.

fernando asked me last night if he should pack his backpack just incase too... i asked him what he was going to pack.

his response...

stuff to keep him busy so he's not bored.

i'm pretty sure he shouldn't be bored!!?!?

i am now picturing how this will play out. 
if he is here for the baby being born he will sit in the waiting room playing video games and wait for news.


 if he's feeling especially brave, he will play video games in the room.

for all of you who wondered why i wasn't super concerned that he will be on tour for part of the beginning of october.... this is why.

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