Monday, September 26, 2011

36 weeks

the countdown is on!

this is my last week at work. 4 more days after today.

after my doctor's appointment on friday reality has started to sink in.

she told me that she didn't think anything would probably happen for a couple weeks still... but that's not a for sure thing depending on how much progress there is the next little while. the sea monkey is dropped and in position. "locked and loaded" if you will.

i think i'm ready for the baby to be born.

is the house ready?


not even close.

getting fernando to help has been like pulling teeth and to be honest i don't really feel like fighting about it.
he is very good at telling me about all the stuff he is going to do but when it actually comes down to completing these tasks the success rate is pretty dismal.

how i see it...

fine. don't get things done. i can still help now...
when we have a new baby and no place to put it i will not be helping. i'll be holding the baby.

the crib is sitting in wetaskiwin, the basinet is still packed in the box. the car seat is still packed in the box... everything is still in the freakin box.

the only thing that is not in a box is the dresser and chest of drawers. and only because it never was in a box.

thanks to my parents for getting those ready for me and getting them to the house. they provide a much needed place to keep the baby's clothes and stuff.

i'm hoping that next week i will be able to get more done since i won't be working all day and can instead spend that time getting things done at home! and since i'll be home during the day, i'll be able to supervise fernando and make sure that he's actually helping and not sleeping in!


Jasmin said...

Oh Amanda. I'm sorry to hear not as much has gotten done as you wanted. Hopefully over the next week or so it will all get set up for you!

The Tompkins Family said...

Fernando!! GET TO WORK!