Wednesday, September 14, 2011

bump day - week 34

presenting to you..... THE BUMP!
34 weeks 4 days of brewing.

i woke up sunday and felt like i was all of a sudden WAY bigger than i was when i went to bed on saturday.
i don't know if i actually "popped" overnight or if i just feel that way because i can barely move so everything just takes so much more effort.

this picture is to prove that even though i can barely hobble around right now and i totally blame the sea monkey... i'm still happy.

and as a side note...
i'm not cutting my bangs until after the baby is born.
i don't care how silly this may seem to people, but the idea of having to wrangle sweaty bangs into some sort of restraint makes me stressed.
i'm stressing about my hair even though that is probably the least important thing ever.
sweaty bangs are a big no no for me.
especially when they get frizzy and curly if they get a chance to dry a bit.

so even though i have had bangs for years, they're going to be retired until after the sea monkey arrives so i can easily pin them back and not worry about them.

you may wonder why i don't just wear a headband.
me and my giant melon head (fingers crossed the sea monkey isn't sporting my massive cranium) doesn't fit well in headbands. the plastic ones will usually snap in half part way through the day, the metal ones crush my skull and the super comfy looking stretchy ones just pop off.

so growing my bangs to ensure i can easily pin them back is something i have decided i need to do to eliminate that problem from my labor experience.

feel free to laugh.
scrunch your face quizzically.

i know its silly to worry about my hair when i should be worried about the whole having a baby thing...
labor doesn't scare me.
sweaty bangs do.
so i'm crazy.
i have known that for a LONG time.

here's a better bump picture now that we're not focusing on my hair.

and this one i just had to post.
my boobs look HUGE!! and my feet look tiny.
this is opposite of how i've spent my entire life.

even if its just for one picture at a weird angle, my boobs are so big they make my feet look small.


The Tompkins Family said...

It definitely looks like you popped! You look awesome and the sweater looks fab on you!

Apryl Eliason said...

This post made me giggle my ass off, thanks for sharing, because I thought I was the only one worried about how my hair will be while in labour! I've spent months planning the "labour do"...and I've recently realized that after sweating, showers, baths and more sweating, my hair is going to be a wild frizzy hot mess after all this hair planning. However, I will still fret about how to keep my hair under control up until that moment :)