Tuesday, September 13, 2011

tasty tuesday - ode to the slow cooker

i LOVE my slow cooker.
there is nothing better than throwing a pile of things into a pot putting the lid on and then coming home 8 hours later to a delicious smelling house and a meal that is pretty much ready to go.


sunday i made a pork roast that i happened to spot in the freezer. i threw it in frozen and tossed in some mushrooms, some red onions, and some montreal steak spice. put on the lid, turn the dial to auto and voilla!
i made fernando a dinner for work of super tender roast pork and vegetables to be paired with his favorite dinner rolls.


and what's even better?

i shredded the rest of the roast for pulled pork sandwiches.

for this normally i just add a generous blob of my favorite habernero bbq sauce (thank you superstore for making such a delicious bbq sauce!), some cilantro leaves (quite a few), fresh cracked black pepper, and some peaches and cream corn.
then i close up the dish and let it soak in the fridge until the next day

makes some super delicious pulled pork sandwiches.

there was a slight change of plans for last night's pulled pork since my brother is living with us for the next six weeks while he finishes his 3rd year at NAIT.

he doesn't mix things. his food stays segregated. his plates look like those sectioned dishes that little kids use. except there are no actual dividers.

meat and bbq sauce he does allow to touch, but nothing else. no corn. definitely no cilantro...
so he can dress his own.
with lame bbq sauce, and probably just plain bread.

when i make mine, i will add the cilantro fresh to the sandwich, delicious sweet corn, and maybe even make it on garlic toast.

or if i'm feeling especially decadent... make a pulled pork grilled cheese.

i have one other favorite way to make pulled pork... i'll post that one another day.

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There was way too much cilantro in that post.