Monday, June 6, 2011

20 weeks....

fruit of the week.... the cantelope!!

i'm guessing its a very small cantelope, but wow! its getting bigger!!

Its hard to believe i'm already half way done brewing this sea monkey... the first half of this pregnancy has really flown by. lots to get done before baby arrives though so i'd better get to work!
Right now the sea monkey is about 6.5" long and gaining weight quickly. i can't wait until fernando can feel the baby kicking. i'm feeling like there is an gymnastics routine going on inside me whenever i lay down or sit still... but so far the baby's not big and strong enough to be felt by touching my stomach. Soon.

yesterday was my year end dance recital and as much as i love going to tap class every week, it has been getting harder and harder to gather the energy to tap with enthusiasm. things that i could do without breaking a sweat a few months ago now seem like monumental activities to tackle. the sea monkey has drained my endurance.
i am looking forward to our year end get together on wednesday though... meeting at Original Joe's means yummy chicken fingers and sweet potato fries for me! and maybe even a virgin caesar. i know. i'm a total party animal. and this on a WEEKNIGHT! oh the craziness.

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