Friday, June 10, 2011

the thank you's begin...

last night i went over to my friend Carol's house to go through and borrow some maternity clothes. i got some great stuff and now i won't be needing to buy much more for clothes unless i get super massive. and i'm hoping that doesn't happen! then to make it even more awesome, she told me i could keep it all and also gave me a bunch of great toys, a wipe warmer, and a bumbo too!
I've already gotten a few other things but since the baby room isnt ready yet i don't have a lot of room for stuff yet. after this weekend i'm going to start packing up all of my sewing stuff and fabric to get it ready to relocate down to the basement once the spare bed is out of way. a big thank you to my family in advance for helping move everything since i am not allowed to lug around heavy furniture right now.

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