Wednesday, June 15, 2011

bump day - week 21 - you kicked my dog edition.

you might wonder what the hell i'm talking about with a title like that.... ok i admit.... its slightly strange.
well i guess i'd better let you in on the details here.

yesterday afternoon i was enjoying my afternoon nap (i LOVE my naps and LIVE FOR THEM!!) and shortly before it was time to get up i was being snuggle attacked by Draco.

for those of you who don't know... this is draco.
hard to say no to cuddle time with this smelly little bugger
he pretty much can convince anyone to love him. he's sneaky that way.
even those people that "aren't really dog people" fall for his sad face and end up goo goo for him.

well when he wants to cuddle he is pretty determined. he decided that since i was snuggling my body pillow that the best place for him to be was right inbetween me and the pillow. so first he burrowed his way under the blankey and then started out on top of the body pillow, then realized that it wasn't the best spot... so he wiggled his way between me and the pillow. he was right up against my stomach and the sea monkey decided it was time to wake up and start moving around.
draco's reaction was PRICELESS.
first he froze.
then he looked at me. really confused.
he couldn't figure out what was going on.
i'm not going to lie... he's pretty easy to confuse.
then he got another good kick... or maybe a punch.... or maybe some sort of acrobatic flying off the top rope wrestling move... i'm not really sure.
his tail went down (which he only does when he's passed out snoring or terrified)
and he bolts.
i haven't seen him move that fast unless its to get to something i've dropped on the floor that he's not supposed to eat.
then i laughed. and laughed a little more.
those two had better learn to get along!

well enough about my baby abusing my dog.
its bump day so here's the pictures!


and for good measure.... this is what i see looking straight down.

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The Tompkins Family said...

Hello little baby! Claiming your title as the dominant one, hey?!

p.s. - love the belly shots looking down!