Thursday, June 2, 2011

baby brain

either i am becoming senile or i am officially admitting to suffering the infamous BABY BRAIN!

i'm guessing i am not old enough to blame this on senility, so i'm going to blame this on the sea monkey.

sunday morning when i went to get groceries i had to stop and put gas in my car. i got out of my to pump the gas and i happened to look down. i was wearing my slippers with a sun dress.

i have forgotten to put shoes on and left the house a total of three times now.

let me clarify here how there is NO WAY to confuse my current slippers with shoes. in the past i have worn some slippers that could pass for shoes in a pinch.... not so much the case right now. they are furry leopard print booties. not such a great look with a little black sundress. i had to drive home and get some real shoes because all i had in my car were garden flip flops with chunks of mud on them, 5" red snake skin stilettos, and zebra print rubber boots. none of these really worked for grocery shopping and going barefoot to superstore is not really an option. can you say EWWWWW!

i think i might put a sign on my door that reminds me to "look down" before leaving the house.
i fear the day that i can no longer see my feet... who knows what i'll wear out.

foot slippers maybe?

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