Friday, June 24, 2011

old vs new

as a previously small boobed A cup girl the idea of a D cup bra was unfathomable to me. well maybe as a hat...  i just thought that a D would be WAY too big for me... well sea monkey has other plans for me i guess.
now that i've got them, a D cup doesn't seem that massive... well, actually they do seem massive... its like looking down a stranger's shirt.
now the real question is what will happen later? fingers crossed that gravity doesn't hate me and they either stay big or go back to somewhat normal. i would be happy to land somewhere in the middle of the before and after... a B or C would be nice... but i guess i'll just have to wait and find out. and rest a bit easier knowing that no matter what happens even if its not pretty (i'm picturing tube socks here) it can be fixed if i decide thats what i want.

comparing an old bra to a new bra i think the old bra could be swallowed whole by the new bra


CherryTeri said...

LOL you are lucky! I only went from A to B cup so far (30 weeks) I did however go to a D when Zoa was born but after 6 months of breast feeding I weened her to bottle and my boobs became a smaller A then ever :s Do you hope they stay D's?

Sam said...

I'm normally a D cup. If I ever do have a kid, I'm going to look like I have stripper boobs.