Monday, June 27, 2011

23 weeks - still a papaya??

apparently there are 2 weeks of papaya on the fruit chart.
i guess that since papayas can be a range of sizes i will let it go.
too bad i wasted all my papaya facts last week... looks like you'll be stuck with just my crazy ramblings today. lucky you!

the sea monkey now weighs a little over one pound/ 500 grams and measures about 11.4 inches/ 29 centimetres from crown to heel.
hearing is well established and she/he can make out a distorted version of my voice, the beating of my heart,  my stomach rumblings, and the dogs barking. maybe getting used to the dogs barking now will mean sleeping through that later? wishful thinking?

i have been feeling pretty great. i really have nothing to complain about. i sleep more than i used to and i get tired quickly if i try and over do it but that is expected. i just have to pace myself. growing a sea monkey is hard work! i think the worst thing right now is that if i fall asleep in the wrong positing i will stay like that all night and wake up with achy ribs. i'm so glad i decided to "train" myself to start sleeping on my side before i actually had to because as a strictly stomach sleeper it would have been really hard to just switch when i had to. this way i was already fairly comfortable on my side hanging onto my body pillow like a koala bear. i need to hang on tightly to my pillow or it gets claimed by one of the dogs and sometimes even fernando will try and steal it. since he comes to bed around the same time as i get up its not that big of a deal that he steals it... but when my zoo takes over my pillow while i'm trying to sleep i don't appreciate it.

i'm feeling lots of movement but still not strong enough for other people to feel (other than poor draco) so far but i don't exactly let people touch me so other than fernando nobody really gets to try.

another thing... i've been on a mad baking spree. i don't know if its the gloomy weather we've had lately or if this is me beginning to nest.... i have been cleaning while i bake. i usually read while my goodies are cooking...
not lately.
yesterday i accomplished a LOT. i also finally tried the blueberry lime muffins from here

they turned out deliciously but i may or may not have been in a hurry to get them out of the pan and wrecked a few because they were too hot to take out the pan. i love the silicone muffin pans, but when making muffins with fruit in them they need to sit and cool for a bit or they lose their bottoms.
don't worry.
i ate the decapitated muffins to hide this tactical error.

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