Monday, June 20, 2011

22 weeks... let me teach you something... about papayas.

a papaya.... well i looked up some info on papayas and have determined that this must be a hawaiian papaya i'm brewing... mexican papayas can weigh up to 10 lbs. i'm only 5 months pregnant. NO WAY can the papaya be 10 lbs already.

here are some little tidbits about papayas....

-The papaya is the fruit of the Carica Papaya tree.
-It is native to southern Mexico and Central America and is now cultivated in many tropical regions.
-The fruit sometimes used to be referred to as a "tree melon." In Australia it is called Papaw or Paw Paw.
-Today there are two varieties of papaya, Hawaiian and Mexican. The Mexican papaya can weigh as much as ten pounds while the Hawaiian usually weighs about a pound. It is the smaller Hawaiian papaya that is found in most produce aisles.
-The papaya was introduced to Hawaii in the early 1800s. Today, Hawaii is the only U.S. state that grows papayas commercially.
-In the 1990s, two genetically modified varieties of papaya were introduced to Hawaii, making papaya the first genetically modified food to be introduced into the United States food supply.
-Unripe, green papaya fruit and the leaves of the papaya tree contain an enzyme called papain. Papain has been used as a natural meat tenderizer for thousands of years and today is an ingredient in many commercial meat tenderizers.
-Its tenderizing properties are also being applied to the human body. Injections of papain enzyme are given to treat herniated discs. When Harrison Ford suffered a ruptured disc on the set of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, he was treated with papain injections.
-Papain has other health benefits. it is also a natural digestive aid and can be applied topically in an ointment to treat burns, rashes, and cuts.
-In many parts of the world, unripe papaya has been used for centuries by women as a natural contraceptive and to induce abortion. Modern research has confirmed that unripe papaya does indeed work as a natural contraceptive and can induce abortion when eaten in large quantities.

-In addition, research has found that papaya seeds have contraceptive effects in male monkeys.
-Tea made from papaya leaves is consumed in some countries as protection against malaria.
-The Papaya Fruit Fly is a threat to the fruit.
-The seeds of the fruit resemble peppercorns and are edible. They can be ground up and used as a substitute for black pepper.
-Papaya leaves are steamed and eaten in parts of Asia.
-The bark of the papaya tree is often used to make rope.

-Ripe papaya is usually eaten raw. Unripe papaya can be eaten if cooked and is used in many sauces and dishes around the world.
-Papaya contains latex (the white sap that oozes out of an unripe papaya) which can cause an allergic reaction in people with a latex allergy. The greener (more unripe) the fruit is, the more latex it contains.
-As with eating too many carrots, eating too much papaya can cause carotenemia, the yellowing of the soles of the feet and the palms. It is temporary and goes away once excessive amounts of papaya are no longer being eaten.
-When buying papayas, look for ones that are mostly or completely yellow and give slightly to pressure. Green, hard papayas are unripe and will never ripen properly.
-A small papaya contains about 300% of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C.

WHO KNEW?!? there is a lot of papaya information out there.

Back to me.... since i know that some of you reading this might be more interested in my actual update than learing about fruit...

I am 5 months pregnant. WOW.
it has flown by so quickly so far! i have given myself 3 more months to get everything done at the house that needs to be done because i don't want to waddling around trying to rearrange furniture 8 months pregnant. as of October 1st whatever i didn't get done is either going to be done by someone else or wait until after the baby arrives.

this past weekend i took a little roadtrip to Lethbridge to visit the lovely Tompkins Family... well ok it was mostly to visit Tasha, but it was nice to see everyone. 5 hours is a long drive now. one bathroom stop on the way there (thanks to the coffee and silly amount of water i drank on my way there) and straight home no stopping. i LOVE having a big bladder. i am going to be missing it badly as the sea monkey grows and squishes it!
Another thing i learned this weekend is that i can no longer sleep anywhere. sea monkey brewing is hard work and i have become a little high maintenance with my sleeping conditions. i apparently NEED my bed with MY pillows or my ribcage starts to feel like its going to burst open. thankfully it only lasted for a day... but i'm sure that's just a taste of what's coming. GOODY.


Anonymous said...

Manda... I'm 29weeks prego and Our bed has 12 pillows on it and everynight I use 10 of them. I have to create a nest to sleep comfortably or my hip,knee and ribcage feels like they're all going to blow out in some way.

The Tompkins Family said...

We were so happy to have you! Wish you could have brought your bed with you so you could have stayed 2 nights! :)