Tuesday, June 28, 2011

tasty tuesday

well today's post is not something difficult, and not even really a recipe.
if you can follow the 3 step directions on the box of cake mix then you will do very well at this.

i haven't made these yet this summer (for some reason i only ever make them in the summer) but once i manage to scarf down all the goodies i baked this past weekend i will get right on it.

the hardest thing about this is choosing the flavor of cake mix to use.

what could possibly be so awesome that involves a cake mix? well other than these freakin awesome cookies here?

i'll tell you.

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes!!

how can you not fall in love with these??

they're really easy. they don't keep for long because the cones get soggy, but i never had them last that long to find out.

here's what you'll need to do:

pre-heat the oven to 350
make the cake mix according to the directions
fill the cones 3/4 full
bake for 15-20 minutes

if you have to do 2 batches like i do because they can't all fit in the oven at once, make sure you don't fill the second tray of cones until you're going to put them in the oven. they get soggy and are not as good.

makes 18-24 (depending on how big the cones are)
sometimes i make a pan of normal cupcakes and 12 cones... depending on what i'm making them for. i don't want to have too many extra cones because they'll get soggy.

decorating... once they're COMPLETELY cooled and not a moment sooner...
the sky is the limit! a fun thing i like to do is ice them and then gently roll them in sprinkles or chopped peanuts.
when i've been feeling really ambitious i have tossed them in the freezer for a bit, and then dipped them in chocolate and then rolled them in sprinkles/nuts like a fancy ice cream cone. that time i made banana cake and with the chocolate and peanuts they were SO tasty.

here's my secret... because i am totally klutzy and am almost positive there is NO possible way i could get these into the oven or back out again without knocking at least half of them over i have a little trick. buy a couple of big foil roasting pans (they were 2 for $1 last time i bought them at the dollar store) and flip them upside down on jellyroll pans (i like the sides because then i can't push the roaster off the cookie sheet and dump them all)
then comes the fun stabbing part.
take a knife and cut an X for each cone. put the cone in and you can fill them, bake them, decorate them and transport them without casualties!


Roz said...

oh my goodness that is awesome!! thanks for the tips too, if i were to feel ambitious enough to even try this :p

craftedbylindy said...

Oooo, those look good! Love the roasting pan trick!