Saturday, June 4, 2011

this shrimp could kick your ass!

Spending some quality time on my couch watching discovery world hd with the dogs I saw the prettiest shrimp ever! Draco totally wanted to fight it. Let's face it... He can use all the exercise he can get. Let him run back and forth from the couch to the tv and hop around on his back legs. He needs it.
Back to the shrimp though. It punches stuff. HARD. I just watched it punch a crab so hard that the crab's legs flee off. If the shrimp was human sized it could punch through concrete with it's bare hand.
Fierce as it may be, this shrimp is gorgeous! Check it out!!


Andrea said...

I love the natural world! It's always full of surprises. What amazing colours!

HornCatCreations said...

Very cool