Thursday, June 23, 2011

my summer bucket list...

inspired by my lovely friend here i would like to present you with my summer bucket list.

this is our last summer as a couple of two. next summer will be our first summer as a family of 3.
exciting, YES!
a little scary... YES!
how will we adjust? only time will tell.

sooooo.... what would i like to do this summer....

  • go to drumheller. i am a geek. drumheller has been one of my favorite places to visit since i was a kid. GEEK HEAVEN! so many fun things to do! and there's Old Grouch's Cozy Café... we started going there as kids and the place is still there and serving delicious homemade food. i give it 5 stars.
  • win the battle with my half dead front yard and end the summer with a green lawn.
  • go swimming. its been ages!
  • go to the mountains i haven't been to the mountains for 7 years. they're not even that far. i have no excuse for it. just a day trip is fine. i don't need to stay... just pop by for a look.
  • get everything ready for the sea monkey. i want the house to actually be totally ready and not be scrambling last minute to get things done.
  • get maternity photos done
  • take baxter swimming. i want to know if he can. i am positive the pug will sink like a rock but i have high hopes for baxter!

i am sure that i could sit here and write this list all day but i am going to stop now because if i make my list too long i won't stand a chance of actually completing it.

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